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Our digital marketing team was born in a staffing firm. It’s our specialty.

About Us

The staffing industry is in our DNA. Back in 2013, Versique was born. It was a brand new name in the marketplace and it was virtually unknown. Versique sought out the best staffing-focused digital marketers in the industry, and grew the brand to become one of the leading executive search and consulting firms in the country. Due to the success Versique experienced from digital marketing, CEO and Co-Founder Tony Sorensen, realized they could help other staffing firms nationwide accomplish the same success. From this focus, Parqa was born.

With a team of staffing industry experienced digital marketers, Parqa helps staffing firms expertly attract, engage, nurture, and convert qualified clients and candidates. Versique now receives over 50% of its revenue from inbound marketing sources. Are you looking for that kind of growth for your company?

Get found. Get leads. Close new business.

A Word From CEO Tony Sorensen

“As the CEO & Founder of both Versique Executive Search & Consulting and Parqa, I’ve led the growth of Versique to over $21M in sales with 45 employees and another 100 consultants in the field out of 1 office in Minneapolis. Parqa specializes in inbound marketing services to the staffing vertical nationally. As a case study, our company Versique closes over 50% of revenue from clients and candidates finding us online. We have over 300 recruiter-related keywords where we rank #1 on Google, we had over 5,000 resumes come in through online channels last year, over 90% of our staff in ’15 made President’s Club with an average desk of $340K, and we have 18 recruiters on our staff with over 10 years recruiting experience. I am passionate about showing other owners how you too can grow a firm that operates without you being buried in the day-to-day, but rather how you can work on the business, building a sustainable staffing firm.”



Tony Sorensen, CEO & Founder

Quotes From Versique’s Leading Recruiters

“I never thought it was possible that the Internet could provide as many qualified leads as it has. Now I’m not only a believer, I’m an advocate.” – Joe Reardon, Versique Managing Director | Executive Search

“We recently filled a VP of Sales & Marketing position from an inbound marketing generated call-in. It was a $180K base salary position!” – Wes Lieser, Managing Director | Demand Generation & Marketing Technology

“So often I hear from candidates, “I’ve seen Versique all over the Internet through all the content that is posted and have heard great things.'” – Julie Stranz, Recruiting Manager | HR Consulting

Inbound marketing has helped the CPG team stand out from other agencies through the creation of collateral that meets our our needs and gets us noticed.” – Jennifer Britton, Managing Director | CPG Executive Search

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