Employee Retention

Win the war for talent

Attract and retain top talent that shares the purpose, vision, and goals of your company

For staffing firms, employee retention can be a constant challenge, with 40% of companies admitting that turnover rates are their first concern and another 29% are worried about replacing talent. High turnover costs your business time, money and productivity. To retain employees, it’s important to understand and be what they are looking for in an employer and a position. Oftentimes, employees leave companies because they feel like they have a job, not a career.

With the power of digital marketing and thought leadership, you can establish your brand in the marketplace and digital space as a business built on the success of its employees, one of the most effective solutions to attracting A-players and top talent. When your company has a reputation for investing in its employees and building valuable relationships, it becomes possible to win the attention and loyalty of the influential talent you want.

Why Parqa can help your business be the place top talent wants to work

Parqa knows what it takes to help recruiting firms and staffing agencies succeed both internally and online. Parqa helped Versique become a leading recruiting firm and one of the most recognizable brand names in the recruiting and consulting industry using a wide variety of  digital marketing, employee retention and demand generation tactics.

From that experience, we’ve learned that the top employers of choice will be the organizations that consistently communicate and authentic employer brand story, value proposition and core values that win the attention of highly specialist talent and compels them to engage, join and stay on their teams. Parqa can help your brand tell the right story by evolving and empowering your recruitment marketing strategy with digital marketing.

“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.”

-W. Edwards Deming

What Makes Our Services Unique?

From discovery to evolution, Parqa’s digital marketing team is actively involved throughout the entire SEO process. Unlike some other SEO providers, who can be a challenge to reach, our specialists are readily available for questions and always keep our clients up-to-date.

Our services go beyond on-page keyword optimization and follow SEO best practices current with Google’s guidelines and most recent updates. Our diligent adherence to the latest industry standards helps us ensure our clients’ websites stay at the top of search engine results pages.


The Results

An innovative furniture manufacturer wanted to increase traffic and conversions, to distinguish themselves from the competition. Our SEO strategy for them resulted in:


growth in first time visitors


growth in organic search traffic


growth in overall web traffic