New Client Aquisition

When clients find your firm online, what do they see?

“I never thought it was possible that the internet could provide as many qualified leads as it has. Now I’m not only a believer, I’m an advocate.”

-Joe Reardon, Managing Director, Finance & Accounting

Parqa understands that success as a staffing and recruiting organization comes from building and maintaining value-based relationships. And, while placements aren’t only made online, leading organizations are turning to the internet as a tool to find solutions to their challenges.  

Generating and attracting new clients is never easy but, with the internet, it can be done more efficiently and effectively. It begins with brand awareness and trust, the two factors that can make or break your brand in the staffing world. With the power of inbound marketing, your firm can achieve new client generation using a variety of online tools and tactics.

“Using paid search campaigns and SEO to promote our whitepapers/eBooks drastically increased the number of downloads that we get which further increases our exposure.”

– Wes Lieser, Managing Director, Demand Generation & Marketing Technology Recruiting Practice

Build deeper engagements with your prospects and existing clients

Today, the most successful brands are organizing around customers and their needs, especially when it comes to brand engagement and social outreach. Social media platforms are some of the best ways to attract visitors to your website and, with the interactive nature of social media, you can develop valuable relationships with prospective clients.

Staffing firms can better attract industry leading clients by engaging them through social media and communicating their brand’s culture, story, and value. Your staffing firm can do more than distribute endless job postings and set itself apart from others by using digital channels to draw in and generate highly qualified new client leads.

“We have greatly increased call-ins by reworking our brand on the website and making sure we are telling the right story.”

-Jenn Britton, Managing Director, CPG Executive Search

How Parqa can help your staffing firm attract big clients

At Parqa, our extensive knowledge and background in the staffing industry enables us to execute effective marketing strategies precisely engineering for staffing firms. Today, nearly everyone conducts a daily search for information. If you’re searching online, so too are your prospects, clients, and competitors. While most recruiters and staffing firms are adept at networking and building referrals, competition is getting more intense, which puts new pressure on firms to find new ways to complement successful traditional marketing skills.


Parqa has tested, implemented and evaluated numerous successful online marketing strategies for staffing firms across the country. Our own marketing tactics have well established our parent company, Versique, as an industry leading search firm and recognizable brand name in the marketplace. To be successful in this new marketing environment, it’s imperative that your firm’s website show up on the first page of search engine results because that is where 90% of users click. We know that one of of the best kept secrets of recruiters and staffing firms with successful websites is that they’re built upon inbound marketing practices and now, Parqa is offering your firm the chance to transform your brand and dominate the web. Getting found first is the first step.

The Results

A leading search and consulting firm wanted to increase traffic to attract the right candidates and new clients and to distinguish themselves from the competition. Our SEO strategy for them resulted in:


revenue generated from Google organic


growth in organic search traffic


clients found the firm on Google