Brand Engagement

How does a staffing firm achieve 16,000 site visits per month?

Tell the right story to give candidates and clients a reason to engage with your brand

The internet is evolving fast, particularly when it comes to the social web and social media. Today, there are numerous digital channels that can be utilized to start conversations and hold a dialogue between your staffing firm’s brand and prospective candidates and clients. Still, it’s nearly impossible to build brand engagement if your organization doesn’t have a good understanding of what prospects are looking for. Without the ability to identify what your prospects want and need or the necessary digital tools, it’s a challenge to foster engagement for your brand.

With the right strategy, your marketing can provide a framework for prospects to have engaging and meaningful experiences that establish a rich connection with your brand. The results are increased leads, new business and highly qualified candidates.

Inbound Marketing has helped the CPG team stand out from other agencies through the creation of collateral that meets our needs to get noticed.”

Jennifer Britton, Managing Director, CPG Executive Search

Build deeper engagements with your prospects and existing clients

Today, the most successful brands are organizing around customers and their needs, especially when it comes to brand engagement and social outreach. Social media platforms are some of the best ways to attract visitors to your website and, with the interactive nature of social media, you can develop valuable relationships with prospective candidates and clients.

Staffing firms can better attract top talent by engaging candidates through social media and communicating their brand’s culture, story and value. Your staffing firm can do more than distribute endless job posting and set itself apart from others by using digital channels to draw in and generate highly qualified new candidate and client leads.

“It’s all about the connections and relationships rather than the typical stereotype of staffing firms where there can be a ‘churn and burn’ atmosphere.”

-Julie Stranz, Recruiting Manager – HR Consulting, Versique

How Parqa can help your staffing firm drive brand engagement?

With the help of Parqa’s digital marketing specialists, your staffing firm can create stronger inbound brand engagement through the use of a wide variety of tactics including thought leadership, content marketing, and social media marketing. Through our extensive experience creating successful customized marketing strategies for staffing firms, we’ve learned that the more awareness there is around your brand, the more candidates and clients will work with you. We’ll help your firm get found first online and create engagement that sets it apart from its competition, generates referrals and grows your business.

One key to successful staffing brand engagement is a strong social media presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. Our digital marketing specialists know how to optimize social media profiles so that when clients and candidates view research your firm, your firm stands out from the rest. And with web analytics and reporting, we can monitor our initiatives and key metrics that enable us to understand the impact our efforts are having and refine them for the future.


Example of Results: Versique

  • 1000’s of blog views

  • 100’s of likes and shares

  • 6 CFO positions filled based on thought leadership

  • 16,000+ LinkedIn followers