Events & Speakers

Digital Marketing Topics to Grow Your Staffing Business

Speaking Engagements

  • NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) Lunch & Learn Webinar, How Google Drove $400K to One Recruiter in 2015, Chris Peterson
  • ERE Media Webinar, Engagement & Experience Using Social Media, Tiffany Kuehl
  • NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) Annual Conference, Is Google Working for You?, Chris Peterson & Tony Sorensen
  • Parqa Client Social Media Strategy Webinar, How to Dominate Social Media to Build Your Brand and Gain Leads, Kelli Schutrop
  • National SHRM Talent Management Conference, Defy the Odds: Increase Job Visibility, Increase Candidate Quality, and Reduce Cost, Chris Peterson
  • NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) Annual Conference, Stand Out from the Competition: Digital Marketing Tactics to Attract Qualified Clients, Chris Peterson & Tony Sorensen

“Hearing Chris Peterson speak about how to integrate my current business approach with the approach of driving leads from the internet, has made a huge difference in how I build relationships with potential clients. He consolidates complex marketing ideas and provides actionable items for my team to implement immediately.”

– Chris Dardis, Vice President of HR Consulting, Versique


  • How to determine what’s working and not working within your current marketing strategy
  • How to build thought leadership and brand awareness
  • How to drive qualified leads to your sales team
  • How to analyze marketing trends and data to make educated decisions on ROI and the best digital marketing tactics for your company
  • How to improve your SEO, PPC strategies to rank higher for keywords that will drive qualified traffic
  • How to retain top sales talent by driving them qualified leads

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